Coca-Cola gets easier to ‘like’ via Facebook RFID tag

If you’re a teenager buzzing from gallons of Coca-Cola, you might find there just aren’t enough hours in the day to make all the Facebook posts you’d like.

So the marketing agency for a ‘pop-up’ three-day amusement park in Israel has come up with a way of making it quicker.

Edologic issued visitors to the Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park with RFID bracelets as they went in, which were programmed with the teenagers’ Facebook details.

If the kids liked a particular ride or activity, they just swiped the bracelet past an RFID reader to post a ‘like’ on Facebook. They could also swipe the park’s official photographers to ensure that photos were uploaded to the Coca-Cola Village Facebook page with their faces already tagged.

“We are constantly looking for ways to connect the physical world with the virtual world. The idea behind the Like Machine is an ultimate solution,” says Edologic CEO Enon Landenberg.

“It is an innovative and pioneering method, and through it the possibility to involve your Facebook friends in events and experiences that are happening to you around the world becomes a very true reality.”

Apparently the 650-odd teenagers who visited the park made over 35,000 posts between them – that’s over 50 each. They must have liked it quite a lot.

There’s a video, here.