Gross negligence: Octomom doctor stripped of medical license

The fertility doctor who helped the sociopathic “Octomom” give birth to octuplets in 2009 will have his license taken away by the California Medical Board because of “gross negligence.”

According to AFP, the board cancelled Dr Michael Kamrava’s license effective July 1. On its website there are documents that say he was involved in several cases of malpractice. The most glaring example is obviously his Frankenstein-like creation of the media sensation Octomom.

The Beverly Hills-based board said Kamrava had committed “gross negligence, repeated negligent acts and incompetence” when he continually stuffed multiple embryos into Nadya Suleman, identified as “N.S.” from 2002 to 2008.

In 2009 Suleman was unmarried, unemployed, already had six children and she decided to birth to octuplets. She was able to do this because Kamrava jammed an impressive 12 embryos into her clown car uterus the year before, far more than the maximum recommended three.

The medical board filed two lawsuits against Kamrava in 2010, accusing him of negligence and condemning him for failing to recommend that Suleman see a mental health specialist. Some think he might have pushed the limits of medical science for the publicity. And now it appears it has backfired.

The board has also taken issue with Kamrava’s treatment of other patients too, including his supposed failure to tell one of his patients that she was at risk for ovarian cancer after irregular test results.

What took them so long? It sounds like the board may have been a little negligent as well.


That takes care of the creator, but his media creation is still out there. And they’re still putting in her the limelight. She sure loves to flaunt her surgically enhanced body.


So how does someone with 14 kids and no real job afford all of that plastic surgery?  And how much must the pictures of her be worth to the media for them to continue following her around and snapping pictures?    


Oh and now she’s going to be hosting a bikini carwash to save her home. And she’ll apparently have help from Tila Tequila and Charlie Sheen’s porn actress pal Capri Anderson. So if you live in California you can go get your car washed and help contribute to her lifestyle.

The media saga continues.