Google’s Deep Mind is the Best Gamer in the World

It doesn’t matter what game you like, Google’s Deep Mind or some other spooky AI is probably going to be the best at it someday. There’s nothing we can do it. Just a couple of weeks ago, Deep Mind Alpha Zero was given the rules to chess for the very first time. It wasn’t allowed any other materials or access to the internet. Instead it played millions of games against itself over the course of 4 hours. It was then used to play the world’s best computer chess software. Deep Mind mopped the floor with it in every single game.

What does this mean for gamers? Well, the AI vs. Human player narrative has been going on for decades now. It’s almost kind of nice to have the situation settled once and for all. AI can beat any human at games like GO and chess. This has many implications for gaming, but one of the most important for this writer is that this will contribute to the human gaming community in ways that are perhaps not yet appreciated.

Casingdom and the Importance of Human Competition in Games

Casingdom is an online casino where people can play against other people, or simple AI protocols. Even as AI has started to take over the gaming world by storm, online gaming sources like this have become ever more popular. And even though they are, on their surface, digital, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t still at the heart of it.

Even in digital gaming communities like this, people are still playing games against people. Many gamers feel that playing against computers is only so interesting, perhaps because the computer could always win if it was allowed to. Instead, playing with people, we can better measure our own skill. It’s also a lot more fun.

Some analysts think that in just a decade or so, people will have more friends in other countries than they do in their home country. This is because people will gather more and more around areas of interest and passion, using digital means like the internet. As this continues to take over the world of gaming and social media, this writer thinks that competitive, human gaming will take on a whole new significance.

In this way, having brought AI into the world of gaming (and watching them dominate at every opportunity) hasn’t hurt human gaming. Instead it has helped us define what it means to play a competitive game against other people. Humans better understand their own limitations as a result. For countless centuries, humans were “the smartest people we knew”.

That is no longer the case, but it doesn’t mean that humans have to change who they are. We’ll no doubt be informed by AI systems (they’re already changing the way people play chess), but it’ll be awhile before people start playing against computer systems exclusively. Even then, AI gamers will be indistinguishable from humans. The future of gaming community is weird, but it will be even more important in the years to come than it is today.