Google launches OneBox music service

Google is getting into the online music business with a service allowing people to find and hear tracks by searching on song titles, artists or snatches of lyrics.

Using OneBox, entering a music-related query will generate links to an audio preview of those songs provided by MySpace  – which has just acquired iLike – or Lala.

The company is also linking to Pandora, imeem and Rhapsody sites, to offer music related to the query.

“This feature doesn’t just make search better. It also helps people discover new sources of licensed music online while helping artists to discover new generations of fans and reconnect with longtime listeners,” says Google in its blog.

“Our users love music, and this tool introduces millions of music seekers in the US to a new generation of licensed online music services, from MySpace and Lala to Pandora, imeem and Rhapsody.

The feature will initially be available only in the US.