1010 reasons why digital is better than analog

Yesterday we suggested 10 reasons why analog is better than digital. It’s only fair to put the other side of the argument. Here are 10 compelling reasons why digital beats analog hands down.

1. Charles Babbage invented the Analytical Engine and the Difference Engine. They were mechanical devices using gear wheels. They were ahead of their time. But they weren’t digital.

2. Digital devices don’t cry or refuse to work because they’ve caught a cold.

3. In the bad old days, you could snap an entire reel of film and all the pictures turned out to be rubbish once you got the film back from the labs. With digital cameras, you can shoot hundreds and hundreds of really crap pictures that you can then delete.

4. Lara Croft is shapelier and far less trouble than many women.

5. Chips are smaller than tubes. Small is beautiful.

6. You can turn a digital clock or watch off by removing the battery. Same with computers. Analog clocks are far harder to turn off and so are Babbage’s calculating engines. Sometimes you don’t want to watch the clock. Computers (see picture above) can sometimes, rather helpfully, switch themselves off.

7. Electronically generated music is much better than that soppy analog stuff knocked out by Beethoven, Mozart or the rest of those old has beens.

8. You rarely need to go outside in the digital world. If you need boring analog things like food, you can always order them online. This has many benefits, including the fact you don’t need to use that horrendous analog device, the umbrella.

9. Digital jokes are far funnier than analog jokes. See here, for example.

10. Without semiconductors, nothing would work these days. The post wouldn’t get delivered, the traffic lights wouldn’t work, our cars wouldn’t work and so we wouldn’t work either. Digital is way better than analog. Go rot, analog.

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