Get a guest DJ for your club

Once you open a club there are a couple of things that you can do in order to attract clients. Hiring a DJ is one of them. When it comes to booking a DJ there are some clear advantages, but there are some difficulties as well. Today we will talk about all of them so you can see what you have to do in order to hire a DJ for your club.

Decide what kind of DJ you want

There are some clubs that hire a DJ just to make the flyer more interesting. This is something that you should avoid. Your club should have its own brand and style and the DJs who come there should match the vibe that you want.

Don’t get someone just because he is famous if you don’t think that he is inappropriate for the style you are going for. You should remember that you won’t be able to hire guest DJs every night, so it is more important to create a brand for your club.

Contact person

When you hire a club DJ you should start by finding out who you should talk to. There are certain Ds that use an agent and in this case you will talk to him. Others have a friend or a girlfriend handling their bookings, while some of them will prefer to do this on their own.

Once you find the right person you should also decide how you are going to send the message. You might use Twitter or Facebook, send them an e-mail or get their phone number and call them directly.

You should not bother completing booking requests forms. Act the way big promoters do and find someone to talk to directly. You should come up with an offer that they will accept. Try to present your club and how that even can promote them even more. Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit.

Important names

Obviously, if you have a small club you won’t be able to book the hottest names in the industry. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t look for up and coming artists. Look at newcomers and see which ones are promising. One day that DJ might become a big name and you will be proud that your club was one of the first clubs that hired him.

Know your budget

With a small club the funds are not that big. This means that before you hire a guest DJ you should make sure that you know exactly what you can afford. Negotiating is something that you should definitely do. When you find out the fee try to at least third it in your mind.

In most cases, the list price is negotiable. Simply state to the agent how much you can afford and then leave them to think about your offer. You should probably receive a phone call with a counter-offer really soon. Continue to negotiate until you get what you want.