5 Things You Should be Looking for when Picking an Online Casino

There are many criteria you could use when searching for an online casino, including reputation, branded games, and security. However, some factors are more important than others. Base your decision on the wrong things, and you may regret setting up that account. Choosing the right online casino will only enrich your overall gaming experience. Here are five things you should be looking for when picking an online casino.

Licensing and Regulation

The first and foremost thing you should be looking for in an online casino is licensing and regulation. If the online casino isn’t licensed and regulated, it could be the front for a scam, it may fail to pay out fairly, or is otherwise insecure. UK based operators should be licensed by the British Gambling Commission. If they say they’re in the UK and are not licensed by the Gambling Commission, don’t sign up for the site. You can find out if the casino has a gambling license by checking the bottom of the home page. Don’t assume that the logo on the homepage is legitimate – click the link to verify that it goes to a legitimate licensing authority. This information should be repeated in their terms and conditions, too.

IT Security

You want to select an online casino that takes your privacy and information security as seriously as you do. Do they use secure payment options? Are there multiple methods of payment available, so you can pick one you’re comfortable with? The best online casinos allow you to transfer money via bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and phone billing – whatever is right for you. Be very careful of casinos that require a software download to play, since malware could piggy-back on it. Instead, play with reputable operators that let you play via browser or through a secure app.

You also have to make sure that the site uses the proper encryption technology, and that their security certificate is up to date. If the site doesn’t use at least 128-bit encryption or their certificate is expired, then you should start looking for another casino immediately. No legitimate casino would put the information of their players at risk, and if they don’t have encryption, then it’s very well possible that you may be on a dummy site created solely to steal your information.

Promotions and Perks

Promotions and perks should be a deciding factor but only after you’ve vetted them for the more important factors we’ve already listed. Look at the bonuses and promotions they offer to those who sign up. Look at wagering requirements, the minimum deposit amounts and maximum cash out limits. A priority should be no deposit casino bonuses. Most casinos will have some sort of no deposit bonus for your first or few first deposits. Some will also give away free money to new players, but those tend to be rarer. Most of the time, they’ll offer some sort of bonus that will match your deposit up to a certain level.

Also, check if the casino has plenty of promotions throughout the year and if they offer perks to long time players as well. Most casinos will have some sort of contest going on at any given time along with points programmes that allow players to exchange those points for a variety of prizes and perks.

Game Selection

Game selection is what makes a casino great. Sign up for an online casino that offers a wide selection, even if you’re attracted to a particular game at first. You’d get bored playing one fun game all the time. If you find an online casino that will continue to keep you entertained, you won’t be tempted to jump to a new, un-vetted site later.

This is why finding a casino that offers great bonuses is so important. You can use your bonus money to test the waters and see which type of games they’re offering. You’ll be able to see how smoothly they play across platforms, what type of gameplay they offer and the overall quality of the game as well.

You’ll also be able to see if there is some type of general theme to their website. While some casinos will have more of an old school feel, others try to be more innovative by offering more immersive games. They’ll have games that incorporate many aspects of gaming, and even involve skill at a certain level. This could completely transform your gaming experience and sway you towards one casino over another.


Accessibility takes several forms. Accessibility could mean being able to access the game on the platform of your choice. Can you play their games on Android, IOS, and even obscure models like Blackberries or Windows phone? Do you have to download a piece of software to play or do they have a browser option? And is the selection of games the same no matter the support?

You also have to know if the casino is actually accessible from your country. You don’t want to sign up for an online casino that won’t let you play in your country or those you visit, while not being able to accept payment in your preferred currency can add to the fees you’ll have to pay. Also learn about customer service. Make sure they have customer support available when you have questions or issues with your account before you set one up.

One factor people can get frustrated with if they don’t research it first is the speed of cash-outs. Check out the speed of the payments before you register for the site. On the flipside, you want to make sure your preferred deposit method is accepted so you can start playing as soon as you’re sure you want to sign up.


Take these factors into account, and you’ll find an online casino that you can enjoy playing without running into major problems. Make a mistake, and you’ll at best find yourself waiting weeks to cash out your low winnings and at worst find your bank account wiped out.