Plummeting Winter Temperatures on the Way: Is Your Boiler Covered?

Winter is well and truly on the way, with forecasters anticipating colder temperatures for most of the UK in the coming weeks, as well as Britain’s first snowfall this year.

According to a recent article in The Independent, snowfall is expected to hit Britain in the next few weeks. Forecasters have also warned that temperatures will decrease significantly during December, with a yellow weather warning already issued for some parts of Scotland.

Currently, snowfall is forecast for the Pennines, parts of the Peak District and some areas in North Wales. According to Met Office meteorologist Richard Miles, December “will seem cold compared to what we have experienced so far.”

Other newspapers have reported that this winter could be the coldest on record for Britain. A recent article in The Express stated that bookies have already started slashing odds on bets that this winter’s chilliest days would be the coldest ever recorded.

The Met Office has acted on the data, warning people to get “weather ready” as early as they can to avoid being unprepared for declining temperatures.

For the young, elderly and vulnerable, this means preparing with a flu shot. It can also mean looking out for neighbours and relatives who could be at risk of illnesses and other issues as temperatures fall and the weather worsens.

It’s important not just to be prepared as early as possible for cooler daytime temperatures, but also for chillier nights and the possibility of frost and snow.

As a homeowner, you can prepare ahead of time for winter by making sure your pipes, walls and attic are fully insulated. The pre-snow season is also a good time to clear gutters to stop water damage, as well as vents and chimneys to improve internal ventilation.

The weeks leading up to late December are also the perfect time to make sure your home’s heating system is serviced and ready to go.

Before temperatures start to dip, call in a professional to make sure your boiler has been fully serviced. Servicing your boiler regularly is an inexpensive process that lowers your chance of dealing with a breakdown during the busiest time of year for your home’s heating system.

Now is also a great time to check that your boiler is insured. Boiler cover keeps you protected and covered whether you use a gas boiler, central heating or electrical supply heating, giving you extra peace of mind as winter really kicks into gear.

Other useful tips including packing an emergency kit containing food, water and other winter essentials. While this might seem unnecessary, it can make all the difference if a pipe bursts, the local shops temporarily close or if extreme weather keeps you stuck at home.

All in all, it’s due to be a particularly cold weather across the UK. However, by preparing early, making sure that your boiler is covered and helping your family and neighbours get everything ready, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable, if not particularly warm, winter.