AirConsole: a Virtual Game Console for Nearly Every Device

Have you ever wondered if you can use your smartphone as a video game controller? With AirConsole’s new system, you can! AirConsole is a new and innovative online gaming platform that allows you to play video games with either a laptop, desktop, or a smart television and a smartphone. All you need is a good internet connection during the setup process – there is no additional software that needs to be downloaded. And it never costs anything to play.

Precision is one of their most popular games right now. It’s a classic arcade game specifically created to test your skills at aiming lasers. Just grab a friend and begin playing – the goal is to quickly set your laser to shoot the dots. However, your opponent has the ability to shoot down your dots as well. You lose points for every dot taken down by your opponent.

Tankball is one of the newest additions to AirConsole. Tankball is a soccer-like game where tanks act as the players! The red and blue teams battle in an oval arena setting, and team selection is one of this game’s most unique features. In order to select your team, you have to drive over to the correct zone. It’s a great game for larger parties, because it can be played by as many as 16 people at a time. This game was so popular that it was quickly shortlisted on AirConsole’s 2016 Game Contest.

Precision and Tankball are classic party games that can be entertaining for groups of any size. Grab a few friends and enjoy a game night together! Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, or a casual night in, AirConsole’s video games are a unique way to spend time with the people you enjoy most.

Their popular Quiz game allows you to create your very own quizzes with your friends! There are two modes you can choose from – Trivia and FriendsQuiz. The Trivia mode setting is used to answer quizzes on common topics such as music, geography, and arts in a restricted time frame. The question is shown on the smart screen and each player can select the correct answers on their phones. FriendsQuiz mode is slightly different from the Trivia mode because of the way its exclusive player sequence. In this mode, each player has to answer a personal question about themselves while the remaining players are trying to figure out what the answer could be. It’s a wonderful game option for friends to play and get to know each other better. The questions asked can build new relationships with others. There’s also an adult version of the Quiz game which includes NSFW questions. Couples have especially have found these quizzes to be exciting and fun.

There are other practical uses for Airconsole’s Quiz game as well – it can be used for educational purposes. Teachers can use the game as an effective tool for teaching. With the luxury of creating your own quiz, teachers are able to identify a classroom’s understanding of a particular subject. Because they are using their smartphones and tablets to answer questions, they will find this method of testing to be much more interactive than traditional methods.

Once completed, an access code is received, and used to establish the link between the smart screen and smartphone.  The smartphone can now be used as your game controller. In addition, you are now able to choose from our wide selection of online games such as racing games, fighting games, children games, sports games, arcade games, family and party games. Each game includes a single and multiplayer option.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing video games when the AirConsole gaming platform offers a wide selection of games for free? Their games are perfect for individuals as well as children, teens, and adults. You don’t need to save up your money to buy additional controllers or other hardware any longer.

The setup process is so easy and fast that you can get started playing today. Here is what you need:

  1. Either a laptop, desktop computer, or a smart TV

  2. Either a smartphone or a tablet

  3. A good internet connection

On your larger screen, go to AirConsole’s home page. You will see a unique access code pop up. On your smaller screen, you will see an option to enter that code. That’s all you need to do! In addition, there are no restrictions to a specific number of players, so all of your friends are welcome to join in. All they have to do is enter that same code into their smartphones.

AirConsole’s video gaming platform offers a ton of new games, and they’re adding to that list all the time. It’s always free, always exciting, and they’re always finding new ways to enhance their features to take your gaming experience to a whole other level.