How to Choose the Best RC Car

I got into RC cars recently because they’re just so fun to play with especially when on open roads! But the tricky part was selecting the right one for me. I didn’t want to get something “famous,” I wanted something suitable for ME!

Choosing the best RC car may be a bit difficult at first, especially because there are so many to choose from! But you’ll be surprised that it’s actually pretty straightforward, as long as you do the right research and know what you’re getting. So if you want to learn more about how to choose the best RC car, then read on!

How to Choose the Best RC Car

When getting your own RC car, it doesn’t need to be so difficult! To help you out, check these helpful tips and factors to consider when you’re planning to get one:

1. Electric vs Gas Powered RC Cars

There are two different ways you can power your RC car: Electric or gas.

Gas (also called nitro) powered RC cars use either purely gas or a mix of gas and oil. Most of the cars are powers with nitro or glow fuel though, which can easily be bought in your nearest RC store. These offer a lot more power and are even faster compared to RCs powered by electricity. However, they are heavier so they’re more likely to get damaged if you crash it. Furthermore, fuel is expensive and is a bit messy when refueling; requiring tune-ups to prevent leaks and spills.

Electric-powered RCs, on the other hand, are cheaper and best made for beginners. With that being said, they can still go against nitro-powered RCs! They don’t have as much power compared to nitro, though they receive more power to their wheels faster, which has them give the quick start. Plus, they’re easier to maintain because there’s no gas or oil needed. Simply charge the battery, plug them to the car, and begin racing!

2. Car, Buggy, or Truck RC Car?

There are three major classes of RC cars, which are:

RC cars offer the speed you need, which can go up to 100mph, depending on the car you get! Under this are other types of RC cars, which are:

Drift RC cars are best for the house or smooth roads

On-road cars are best for the road and can be used on asphalt and cement

Rally cars are similar to the real car, driven on-road or on gravel.

RC trucks are best for using off-roads, and there are various types under this:

Monster trucks are waterproof and extremely strong, able to withstand a bit of bashing and mud off-road

Short course trucks can be used for competitive racing, durable than many RC trucks

Stadium trucks are the combination of both a monster and a buggy. They are more stable and help keep the insides clean with its structure

RC buggies are one of the popular types, which are both great to use on-road and off-road, but not for rock climbing!

3. RC Car Size

I’m sure while you were looking for various RC cars, you’ve come across a lot of numbers. These are actually the size of the RC cars! 1/16th is the smallest, while 1/5th is the largest. You can actually find smaller ones of up to 1/32nd!

If you want to upgrade your car’s parts such as it’s motor or engine, then I recommend that you get a bigger-sized car. Smaller cars like the 1/32nd won’t give you much of the option to upgrade, though are nice if you have minimal space and want something lightweight.

4. Where Will You Race?

Like mentioned above, the type of RC car has various terrains they’re made to run on. Here are the main types of terrains and the RC car recommendations for them:


• All types of RC trucks

• Rock crawlers


• All types of RC trucks

• Car

• Buggy

Dirt or Gravel:

• All types of RC trucks

• Buggy

• Rock crawlers

Sand dunes

• All types of RC trucks

• Buggy

• Rock crawler

Also, consider if you want to bash or race!

• Basing is made for anything other than professional racing, so you need something very durable and not care for its weight and speed.

• Racing is made for professional races, which are lightweight and made of less durable material, though they still handle well on the tracks.

5. Brands and Recommendations

And of course, look into the brand name and pricing! You can ask people for RC car recommendations, or check out good RC car reviews to get a gist of how the RC car works. I recommend that you start off with a good brand so you’re more assured of it working well.

Wrapping It Up

RC cars are fun to play with, though even better when you have the one suitable for you and what you’ll use it for! And when it comes to selecting your own RC car, it will take quite a bit of research before finding which suits you best. Once done, you can enjoy your RC car and race all around!

Hopefully, this article on how to choose the best RC car helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into getting the RC car of your dreams today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on selecting the best RC car, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!