Electronic Arts jumps on motion-based bandwagon

San Francisco (CA) – The CEO of Electronic Arts (EA) has pledged to support the next generation of motion-based gaming devices, including Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s new controller.

“Our view is that motion-based gaming is something that is both going to drive install base, drive interest and drive growth,” John Riccitiello stated during a conference call quoted by VG247. “We’re positive overall. We’re planning to support both [Natal and the PS3 controller]. We haven’t yet announced our plans to do so, but we shall do so in the right time-frame for that, which is likely to be early-to mid-2010.”

The company also confirmed that it had sold 1.8 million copies of EA Sports Active (Wii) during the June quarter.

“Given the success of EA Sports Active, we’ve decided to launch an expansion pack this holiday. We are using development using from our tennis team on our EA Sports Active franchise,” said Peter Moore, president of the publisher’s EA Sports label. “What we’ve learned is that the consumer out there is very, very open to the concept of interactive fitness. We’re very optimistic.”

EA’s focus on casual gaming could help the corporation reverse a serious decline in revenue, which plummeted 20 percent year-over-year during the first fiscal quarter.

“They’re sounding a lot more like they get it (that they) know they have to work hard to turn it around,” Wedbush Morgan anaylst Michael Pachter told the Mercury News. “I think they’re on track.”