DoD confirms worldwide deployment of America’s Army 3

San Francisco (CA) – The DoD (Department of Defense) has confirmed the worldwide deployment of America’s Army 3. The game reportedly offers players an authentic Army experience by “reflecting” the training, technology, actions and career advancement of a US soldier.

“The Army creates and distributes America’s Army so that young Americans can virtually explore soldiering in the US Army like soldiers experience it – as individuals and as members of teams,” the Army explained in a statement. “Through the game’s virtual experiences, young Americans can explore the Army from basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and medic training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to operations in defense of freedom. Along the way, they can join elite Army units and experience the strength of Army teamwork, values, and technology within an engaging environment.”

America’s Army 3 features five distinct environments – each with three different mission scenario options for a total of 15 different map/mission combinations. Players first complete basic combat training and then progress to advanced individual training for a variety of specialized roles, such as advanced rifleman, automatic rifleman, squad designated marksman and grenadier.

New AA3 features include:

  • Authenticity of Weapons and Weapons Effects – Players customize their weapon/ammo configuration and load (gear) with attachable modifications. These choices affect gameplay, as heavy loads decrease speed and endurance while lighter loads limit fire power. AA3 also allows bullet penetration through wood and drywall, along with ricochets off metal and stone.  
  • Advanced Audio Effects – Players utilize high fidelity audio clues to assess a combat situation. For example, the proximity of a bullet can be determined based on sound. If the bullet is close, the player will hear an explosive noise generated by a sonic boom. If the bullet is farther away, the player will discern a muzzle shot.
  • Upgraded Lighting – AA3’s realistic environment emulates the natural effects that occur when light reflects off materials and characters. AA3’s lighting also simulates realistic eye adjustments when a player moves from indoors (dark areas) to outside (lighter areas) and vice versa.
  • Character Movements – In addition to basic movements – running, sprinting, and crouching – AA3 supports tactical and combat movement types. For example, a tactical movement is a more methodical, slower movement that reduces the noise associated with the player’s motion. Combat movement, which is louder and faster, includes rolling, sliding and diving.
  • Mission Planning – Squad and Fire Team leaders now have strategic choices to make before a mission. The Squad Leader assigns the fire teams to an objective, while Fire Team leaders determine where on the map their fire team will spawn.

AA3 can be downloaded free of charge from or at