Comcast’s new 3D channel is open for business

Despite a slower than expected race to adopt 3D TV in the home, content providers are still pushing to get as much 3D material out there as possible, and that move just took a big step forward with Comcast’s own 24/7 3D channel.

The network, Xfinity 3D, airs movies, sports, and music concerts, all filmed with high-tech 3D cameras and presented over the highest fidelity cable signal possible.

Comcast’s first major 3D broadcast was last year when it, along with every other major cable provider, presented the Master’s golf tournament. For some TV carriers, that was pretty much the only piece of 3D content that’s aired in the last year. For others, like DirecTV, it was only the beginning.

Right now, ESPN 3D is the only network that is actually funded entirely from an actual TV network. Comcast’s new channel, Xfinity 3D, is paid for mostly by Comcast. In addition, DirecTV is footing the bill for its slate of 3D channels.

Most other carriers aren’t willing to put up that expense. ESPN 3D, which just started airing content 24/7, is the only one to have major traction so far, but the network won’t say how many people have actually viewed the channel.

“Whether it is a concert, sporting event or movie, Xfinity 3D brings the best seats in the house right to customers’ living rooms,” said Marcien Jenckes, SVP and GM of video services for Comcast. “As the leader in 3D, we will continue to bring our customers the best 3D content available today.”

Continued programming on Xfinity 3D will include documentaries, photo-heavy specials on some of the most beautiful places in the country, and other original programming.