Claim: iPad poised to "revolutionize" gaming

Move over Che Guevara, because there is a new badass revolutionary in town! Yes, it is the so-called “magical” iPad, which some studios believe is poised to forever alter the lucrative world of gaming.

 “The iPad is the fourth step in the gaming evolution. The first being the microcomputer, the second being the game console and the third being smartphones,” Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice president of publishing at Gameloft, told Reuters.

“Each of these platforms revolutionized gaming in its own way. By taking an existing iPhone game and modifying it for iPad we believe that it will not only bring a new experience to an existing title, but basically create a new game.”

Neil Young, founder and CEO of the largest iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game developer, Ngmoco, expressed similar sentiments.

“I think people are going to be blown away by iPad when they actually have the opportunity to interact with it. When you play games on the large format, multi-touch fields using two hands it’s much more ‘Minority Report’ than even the iPhone is,” said Young.

“[But], I think Apple learned their lesson about the importance of gaming from the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It was really that first holiday season for the iPod Touch where Apple recognized and realized gaming was such a huge part of the business and the iPod Touch had found its home as a game machine.”