Twitter may develop its own clients

A major investor in Twitter has hinted that he’d like to see the site creating its own mobile and desktop clients.

In a blog post, Fred Wilson described a lot of apps as “filling holes” in Twitter – apps such as mobile clients, photo sharing and URL shorteners.

“Twitter really should have had all that when it launched, or it should have built those services right in to the Twitter experience,” he says. “I think the time for filling the holes in the Twitter service has come and gone.”

Wilson suggests that third party developers should focus on social gaming.”There have been a number of attempts to build social game experiences on Twitter,” he says. “But I’m not aware of any successes of scale like we’ve had on the Facebook platform. I think we will see it emerge soon.”

He also suggests focusing on verticals like Stockwits and Flixup and enterprise applications such as CoTweet. Other opportunities, he says, include discovery tools such as Hunch and TweetMeme, and and analytics like and Radian6.

The comments could imply that Twitter is planning to launch its own mobile apps, URL shortners and photo uploaders – or attempt to buy them from their creators.

It’s one way the company could start to make money from its famously unprofitable enterprise.