Chinese Year of the Bittorrent ends

Chinese bittorrent users are frantically downloading after news that there is to be a government crackdown on P2P sites.

In a move to butter up the decadent imperialist film and music industry, the Glorious People’s Republic of China has decided to switch off access to P2P sites outside its Great Firewall.

China Daily said students were in a state of shock when they realised that their access to the Western world of film and music would be cut off.

Soon they will have to listen to pro-government music which sounds like a cat being shoved through a circular saw [so a bit like Celine Dion then? – Ed]

This is a big problem for the Chinese because the film and movie industry still charges them an arm and a leg for ‘authorised’ western content.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has been shutting hundreds of similar peer-to-peer file sharing sites, including the 50 million-user BTChina, during the last 10 days in its latest attempt to fight pornography and piracy online.

The government is quite happy by appearing to get tough on file sharers.  Not only does it appear to be tough to the film and music industry, it also crushes western cultural influence.  Most Chinese learn about degenerate Western ideas, like democracy, through foreign entertainment such as dramas, rare movies, books and CDs.  Currently they are rarely seen outside P2P sites.