Avatar: Best Movie Ever!

It’s been a decade in coming, but James Cameron, the second best director of an Alien movie, can finally say, Titanic was not the last movie I made.

He will probably try and say that he made a few documentaries about being under water for a long time, really, really deep down in cold water, but they won’t count, and no one will care. They will, however, care very much that his latest real movie, Avatar, was premiered in London, England, near Wales last night and that it will hit screens on December 18, 2009.

I care, too. I care because Cameron is the best action movie maker out there and he is a supreme geek and obsessed about the technical detail of his movies to a degree that is both maniacal and borderline psychotic. In a sense he is very much like the bleeders readers of TG Daily. So, it’s a bit like one of our own is actually successful and getting to hang out with people who are attractive, rich, and famous. Obviously, in the real world this is never going to happen for any of our readers.

Don’t take my word on Avatar being great because I haven’t seen it. But, here is a great roundup of who has and what they have said.

The cynics seem moved, and Cameron seems to have delivered on most of the promise and hype on Avatar. If only he had tackled the prequels for Star Wars, but don’t let my bitterness intrude.

Maybe they could have asked him to do the last two sequels to The Matrix. Damn, they screwed those up royally. And, what about that steaming pile of turd that was Beyonce’s starring vehicle, Obsessed? That was hideous. Why couldn’t he just direct that one with a pinky he wasn’t using at the time. If ever a movie needed 3D animation it was Obsessed. I believe there was an Oscar given for Movie Most In Need of 3D Animation to the producers.

I sequed way too much there.

I guess, what really matters is that this Christmas there will be a truly awesome science fiction movie with brilliant action set pieces and lots and lots of great technology. Some day I will recover from the deep, deep disappointment of David Lynch’s Dune. I pray that Avatar will be my moment of redemption.

What is the worst science fiction film ever seen by more than ten people? Tell me.