Carmack: PS3 offers "theoretical" raw performance

San Francisco (CA) – John Carmack has opined that the Playstation 3
offers “a little bit more theoretical raw performance” compared to
other consoles. Carmack – the founder of iD Software – also told GameInformer that more “sweat equity” was required to develop PS3 titles.

“The [Xbox] 360 was easier to certainly to get to where we are now. More sweat equity had to be put into the PS3,” explained Carmack.

In addition, Carmack noted that RAGE would be “cut,” or sold on two discs.  

“We would love to set the thing up where it filled one Blu-ray disc
versus three DVDs, which is about the right mix, but the game just…we
can’t cut it into a third like that. We can cut it into two pieces.
We’ve got two large wastelands on there. We just couldn’t make an
arbitary cut,” said Carmack.

However, Carmack added that Doom 4 would be sold on three DVD’s “because of the way it’s structured.”

Although Rage and Doom 4 are both powered by iD’s new Tech 5 engine, Carmack told 1UP that Doom 4 will “look like it’s built on another engine.” The latter is expected to utilize “three times the horsepower” and will run at 30 frames per second – compared to Rage’s 60. 

According to Carmack, Doom will be a multi-platform release. However, he predicted that “by the time the next Doom game ships to consoles, [the] PC will be light years ahead of current consoles.”