Are ugly glasses ruining your 3D experience?

Are awkward and unflattering glasses ruining your 3D experience? Well, Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg insists they aren’t.

“Many many many people wear glasses. What’s the big deal? And if you don’t wear them inside because you need them for quality of sight, in this day and age almost everybody who walks outside into sunlight wears sunglasses,” Katzenberg told USA Today.

”I think that stigma of wearing glasses was back to those days of cardboard red and blue goofy glasses that made you look like a dweeb. You felt like an idiot sitting next to a girl wearing those glasses. [But] those days are gone. You see these new glasses – they’re beautifully styled.”

According to Katzenberg, eyeglass companies are poised to enter the 3D business, which will allow consumers to choose between a wide variety of spectacles.

“Those options will be there within a year. 3D eyeglasses will become as common as the many choices as exist in sunglasses today,” he added.