MySpace plans big revamp

MySpace is planning a major overhaul, aiming to cut the clutter and improve entertaiment features.

“Incrementally, not with one switch of the light, over the next six, nine and 12 months, there’s going to be a remarkable transformation,” co-president Jason Hirschhorn told Bloomberg.

The idea seems to be to go back to the site’s roots and improve music, movie and game features. A new movie section will let users watch previews and interviews, and take part in quizzes.

Users will be able to create a music playlist based on songs that other MySpace users are sharing in their stream of updates. There will be a similar capability for movie trailers and games.

Profile pages will get a makeover over the next year with a new range of page templates. Live feeds will become more prominent and photo uploads will be simplified. New celebrity pages should be easier to navigate, and contain a lot more information.

The company has been working towards something like this for a while, junking horoscopes, weather reports and classified advertising. It hopes with the changes to appeal more to its core under-35 audience.

The changes come just weeks after the abrupt departure of president Owen Van Natta, to be replaced by Hirschorn and Mike Jones.