A few more thoughts on that Catwoman costume

By now, everyone must have caught a glimpse of Anne Hathaway’s slick catsuit on the ‘Net, complete with, yes, a mask and ears. 

Whenever anything Batman is unleashed on the public, the blogosphere reacts quickly, and this costume especially unites the geeks (especially in their complaining), much like the current Star Wars Blu-ray debate.

Now as for me, I think the current pictures of Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman costume are quite sexy, and I liked what I saw, but again, there’s always gonna be complaints, and you can’t please everybody. 

I’m sure Heath Leger’s Joker got a lot of WTFs when it first appeared on the ‘Net as well, and in fact, as Forbes blogger Mark Hughes points out, there was repeated outrage among fanboys regarding complaints about such things as the Joker lacking ‘perma-white’ skin and how it would ruin the film.”


For the positive notices, the L.A. Times pointed out the similarities to the Julie Newmar Catwoman costume, which I noticed first thing as well, and as Forbes has written, 

”If anyone still had any doubts about whether this Catwoman would be faithful to the source material, those doubts should be erased at this point… By now, you’d think that the last two Batman films more than demonstrates that filmmkaer Christopher Nolan, his screenwriting brother Jonathan Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer are a team fully dedicated to faithful, strong adaptations of these characters.”


Yahoo headlined its blog post, “Anne Hathaway Looks… Interesting as Catwoman,” and Will Leitch wrote that these paparazzi pics are “probably not going to change any minds.” 

Zap2it, on the other hand, dubbed Catwoman’s costume “purrfect,” while the HuffPo reserved judgement, writing, “Whether she can kick ass – we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.” 

Reaction at geek ground zero, Aint It Cool? Just a sample of the reactions I’ve glanced at include, “I like it, I hope she’s freaky,” “I am still hopefully for this but…,” “Sh*t’s weak,” and “She looks like a dork.”


The real test for me, and believe me, I’m way more open minded than a lot of geeks who just dismiss a lot of this stuff out of hand until they sheepishly admit they’re wrong, is seeing Anne in action in the trailer, or in the finished movie, which is quite aways away, July 20, but every self-respecting geek has this date memorized and set in stone already. 

Until then, there’s obviously going to be plenty more paparazzi pics, and geek ‘Net speculation to come.