Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube

Who wouldn’t love to get paid for doing what they love, especially if it’s playing video games? Well, somebody has apparently been making a lot of money from playing games, a job many of us would love to have. 

While I don’t watch people playing video games on YouTube – you keep getting the urge to control the action and can’t – there’s a guy in Sweden who’s making millions of dollars playing, and he reportedly has the most subscribers on YouTube. Yes, it’s hard to believe that somebody with a name like PewDiePie has 23 million subscribers, but he does, and these kinds of YouTube clips are growing in popularity. 

So how does somebody make tons of money playing video games and posting them on YouTube? Ad revenue of course, and according to the Atlantic, PewDiePie’s revenue from YouTube ads can range from anywhere from $140,000 to $1.4 million a month. No, that’s not a misprint. 

So there’s definitely gonna be haters with gamers making this kind of scratch, but let’s face it, you’d love to be doing this too. And like Red Vs Blue, the Mystery Science Theater version of Halo, PewDiePie adds a lot of humor and fun to playing games, which is how he’s earned his following.