Ghostbusters 3 is Apparently Officially a Go

We’ve written about this movie so many times, it’s getting ridiculous, but there is finally news from legitimate sources that tell us that Ghostbusters 3 may finally be shooting by early next year.

This isn’t news from some geek site, this comes from Mike Fleming Jr. at Deadline, who many consider the best reporter in Hollywood. Fleming writes that after the death of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman won’t be directing Ghostbusters 3, and is helping Sony find a suitable replacement. 

As Deadline tells us, Reitman had always been involved throughout the many years Ghostbusters 3 was in development, but he’s now stepping down, but he will still be onboard in a producing role. (“With Harold no longer with us, I couldn’t see it.”)

Reitman also told Deadline, the latest draft of the script is good, Sony is happy about it, and that the original Ghostbusters will only have “a very minor role” in part 3. And indeed, the word has always been this movie will hand over the proto-packs to a new generation of ‘Busters.

If all this is indeed coming to pass, again, it should happen early next year, and perhaps Ghostbusters 3 will indeed finally become a reality.