From Twelve Years a Slave to Star Wars

Star Wars casting is heating up, and while there’s no official word, there is news that the heroes and villains will soon be nailed down, and we’re sure this will make big news when it’s confirmed. Now reports are telling us that Lupita Nyong’o from 12 Years a Slave is up for a role as well.

This has been a remarkable journey for Lupita, who won an Academy Award for her very first film. How much further can you go up from there, right? While Star Wars won’t win any Academy Awards, it’s still going to be the big major franchise of 2015 hands down. 

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Nyong’o is possibly up for a lead role in Star Wars, although at this point nobody’s quite sure what that role could be, especially considering the major hardcore secrecy with everything Star Wars. The Reporter claims there is a “non-Caucasian” role for the film, reportedly a descendent of Obi-Wan.

Certainly Nyong’o’s Oscar heat has played a big hand in her being considered for a role, and we’re willing to bet we’ll know who will officially be in Star Wars very soon. They can’t keep that a secret forever, although we know JJ Abrams will try to hold it all back as long as he can.