Back to the Future Hoverboard Not Coming Soon

So many people would love to have a Back to the Future hoverboard, one that can actually hover of course, but we’re still ways away from that kind of technology. (There was a limited edition hoverboard made by Mattel, one that didn’t float in the air of course.) Yet many people believed a recent prank about hoverboards, so much so that it had to be announced it was a hoax.

This hoax was done by Funny or Die, and even Christopher Lloyd and saketboard mogule Tony Hawk were involved with it. The fake company that invented it was called HUVr Tech, and another give-away in the video is Christopher Lloyd had a Back to the Future Part II credit under his name. (What, naming part one wasn’t a good enough credit?)



The board itself also didn’t look too high tech either, it looked like something somebody through together in a hurry, but again, some people really genuinely believed this was real, and several other celebrities that were in on the prank included Moby, Agnes Bruckner, and sports star Terrell Owens. 

Perhaps some day we’ll have real hoverboards, and it would be a great case of life imitating art. While we’re not sure that scientists and inventors genuinely want to make innovations from Back to the Future come to life, it would be nice to think that could be the case.