Seth Rogen Takes on the Console Wars

We at TGD often call the battle between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the console wars, but there were console wars long before this of course, like when Sega and Nintendo went head to head back in the ‘90’s. Now this particular console war is up to be made into a movie, and Seth Rogan is onboard.

As Collider tells us, there’s a book coming up on the console battle in May, and the rights have been bought to be turned into a movie at Sony. Perhaps Sony is still trying the Social Network model, and Hollywood has put several projects in development, including the story of MTV, hoping it will be the next Social Network. 

The book is called Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation, and it was written by Blake Harris. Rogen and his partner Evan Goldberg have been signed on to write and direct, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Rogan stars as well. 

Rogen and Goldberg are also adapting Preacher for AMC, and with both projects we’re not sure if they’ll go the comedy route or serious takes, but there’s definitely a lot of room for comedy in the console wars story, think of the Kurt Russell classic Used Cars, and we’ll definitely be watching this one, because it sounds like it’s got a lot of potential to make a pretty good flick.