No More Phones for Moviefone

So many people have cell phones these days, but it’s getting nearly impossible to get anyone to answer a phone call in a day and age where everyone texts like crazy. Perhaps Moviefone saw this coming, because they soon will be eliminating the phone part of their service. 

As The Wrap and the New York Times explain, Moviefone will now be an app, and as an exec for the company told the Times, “The call-in service has been in pretty steady decline…Our customers are much more interested in our app, and we need to invest our resources in the future, part of which involves a major reimagining of Moviefone.”

Already there’s a recording telling callers that soon the phone service will be gone, and to purchase tickets and get showtimes, people are encouraged to download the app. Going strictly as an app is a way the company will hope to reinvent itself, and it will reportedly happen within a month or so.

Moviefone has been going for twenty-five years, and at its peak the service got three million calls a week. Calls still come in, but reportedly in the hundreds of thousands. As one of the founders of Moviefone told the Times, “The fact that a lot of people still call shows that it isn’t some ancient idea.”