Guitarist Slash Says the New Godzilla is Cool

In addition to being the former guitarist of Guns N Roses, Slash has had a lengthy solo career, and he’s also a big fan of genre films, especially stuff with big dinosaurs and monsters. So of course he’s going to have an interest in the new incarnation of Godzilla, which is coming on May 16.

Although it’s way early for any advance word, Slash may actually be the first to hit the web with an opinion about the upcoming reboot, because the top-hatted guitarist has tweeted that he’s seen the movie, and he liked it a lot. 

“Spoiler alert,” he tweeted, “the new Godzilla is pretty fn’ epic. Saw an early screening. It’s bad ass. Cast is great too. Just saying. Iiiii];)’”

People like Slash are the type of audience Godzilla needs to please, namely genre fans who know the terrain, as well as the general public who want to see a good, ass kicking, epic action film. Many of us definitely have high hopes that this new incarnation will deliver, so let’s indeed hope it’s “pretty fn’ epic” when it drops this summer.