Veronica Mars and Heroes About to Return

Last year, Veronica Mars was resurrected via crowdfunding, and it broke the record for the most money raised on Kickstarter to make a movie, a whopping $5.7 million. Mars creator Rob Thomas showed great fiscal responsibility with the money, making the Mars movie on a tight budget and schedule, and it will also be available on VOD. 

As Variety tells us, Veronica Mars will be playing in 270 theaters on March 14, but Warner Brothers is aiming to make its money from VOD. While Variety feels this could be the way of the future for a lot of movies, Warners insists this is a one off deal. And indeed, it’s odd to think of a movie being available for VOD at the same time it’s playing in theaters. At the same time, the window for when a movie’s in theaters and when it’s available for home viewing are getting much smaller, usually about 90 days. 

Now if you’re a fan of Kristen Bell, there’s even more reason to rejoice. The show Heroes, which starred Bell, Zachary Quinto, and Hayden Panettiere, will be returning, this time as a mini-series. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, the mini-series will be called Heroes Reborn, and NBC has made a deal for a 13-episode min-series that will run in 2015. 

As Jennifer Salke, the president of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement, “The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening. Shows with that kind of resonance don’t come around often, and we thought it was time for another installment.”