Doctor Strange Movie Is Apparently Coming Together

There’s a lot going on in the Marvel universe right now. The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has gathered pretty strong buzz among fans, and apparently a title that’s been heavily rumored for Marvel’s phase three of movies is now apparently coming together: Doctor Strange.

This one’s been a long time coming, and as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, four potential directors are being considered for this one, namely Mark Andrews (Brave), Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair), Dean Israelite (a newcomer with a sci-fi flick, Welcome to Yesterday coming out this year), and Jonathan Levine (50/50). The current screenwriters being considered are Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger (Kung Fu Panda). 

The challenges the Hollywood Reporter feels this movie could have problems not just with the costume, but also the spiritual powers of Doctor Strange, although we don’t consider this a problem. The Reporter feels the other Marvel movies are more grounded in technology and reality, but don’t forget, these are superheroes we’re talking about, and we think the audiences will be able to suspend their disbelief enough for it. (Also have to admit I’ve always loved the hair and the goatee, silly costume aside.) 

So it looks as if Doctor Strange will indeed be part of Marvel’s phase three of movies, which will reportedly include the upcoming Ant-Man movie, Captain America 3, Thor 3, and, you guessed it, Avengers 3.