Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine

Hugh Jackman came out of nowhere to land the role of a lifetime in X-Men, and it was a wonderful star is born moment when he exploded on the screen. No one in America had heard of him before, but there was no doubt he was the right person to play Wolverine. (The character was originally going to be played by Dougray Scott, the villain in Mission: Impossible 2, but he had to back out when that shoot went way over schedule.) 

It’s great that director Bryan Singer is back directing the X-Men series, and of course there’s no X-Men without Jackman. But how much longer can you keep playing the same role, even if it’s indeed a great role? 

First of all, Jackman told Collider, “It’s nice to have a touchstone like this, something to go back to all the time…14 years playing the same character, it seems a lifetime ago. And this character is very much the foundation, the spine of my career…” 

As far as how long he could keep playing Wolverine, Jackman said, “I know 100% it will come to an end and it should. I always think the great parts outlive the actors that play them, and that’s a stage tradition. I love playing it and I really love playing Wolverine…I’m not even thinking about it right now, but that’s always been my touchstone.” 

As far as how long he can still keep physically doing it, “I feel really good, weirdly.” So while we all know every great superhero role has to end, we don’t think Jackman’s ready to hang up his sideburns and claws just yet.