Is Marvel Taking a Risk With Guardians of the Galaxy?

So the teaser commercial for Guardians of the Galaxy was finally aired on TV, and it all went by so fast, it hard to figure out what to make of it. Guardians is not one of the better known Marvel titles, but it’s a superhero team, and we’re willing to bet dollars to donuts that’s why it got launched in the first place, especially after the success of the Avengers.

The Hollywood Reporter also couldn’t help but inquire if this could be Marvel’s riskiest movie adaptation yet, and we are probably inclined to agree. Again, this isn’t Marvel’s best known superhero series, and as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, “Nobody really knows who these guys are. It’s no surprise, then, that the first trailer for Guardians places so much emphasis on introducing these characters in easily digestible chunks of information.” 

At the same time, The Wrap tells us that the Guardians trailer has become a huge hit on Twitter, getting 88,000 mentions over a twelve hour period, a bigger margin than Man of Steel, which got 75,000 initial mentions, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which got 96,000 out of the gate. 

And fan reaction on the geek sites so far is very positive, so if the movie delivers, it could indeed be another big hit on Marvel’s roll on August 1, when Guardians of the Galaxy is unleashed in theaters across America.