The Simpsons and Ghostbusters Go Lego

The Lego Movie is doing amazing business at the box office, and although Legos have been popular children’s toys forever, they’re having a huge resurgence right now because of the movie’s success. Is this only the beginning of what could be a big resurgence in popular culture? We think so, and the fact that The Simpsons are going Lego is another big sign. 

As Zap2it reminds us, the 550th episode of the Simpsons will be the special Lego show, and it will air on May 4. The title? Brick Like Me. In this episode, The Simpsons are transferred into Legos, and it’s up to Homer to figure out how to turn everyone back into cartoons.

Another sign that Lego is making a big comeback in popular culture is that this episode will air during sweeps month. There have been many movie and TV characters turned into Legos over the years, but there will now be more of a spotlight on Legos than ever, or so we’re predicting. 

Not to mention there’s also Ghostbusters Legos in the works as well. Look for the Ghostbusters Legos this June, and already the fans are going nuts over them. The site Gizmodo has called the Ghostbusters Lego set “awesome and spot-on,” and you can buy it for $49.99.