Should republicans fear Obama’s love of Game of Thrones?

When you’re the President, you can make a lot of demands and people will move heaven and earth to try to get it done. World peace is tough to negotiate, but how about an advance DVD of Game of Thrones?

As the New York Daily News reports, Obama went up to the chief executive of HBO, Richard Plepler, on February 1 at a state dinner, and asked for an advance copy of the show. Obama was hoping to enjoy the next season of Thrones during the three-day President’s day weekend. 

Who wouldn’t love to get the jump on Game of Thrones before the rest of the world, but would HBO turn down the president? Well, there’s still no word on whether the President has seen the show before everyone else or not. He may just have to wait like everyone else when Thrones comes back on April 6. 

This story amused me for several reasons. Number one, I’m fascinated by how paranoid everyone is these days about advance copies of movies and TV shows getting out into the world. It was just reported that the first episode of this season’s Walking Dead leaked on Xbox, and piracy is of course a major concern of many in the entertainment business. 

Imagine if the next season of Game of Thrones leaked early, and it leaked back to the President. Obama’s also a fan of House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. 

So, maybe the President is boning up on ways to take care of enemies perceived or otherwise, or just maybe, it’s fun to watch characters who are unencumbered by politics and can just get mean and nasty when they are crossed. This could be Obama’s therapy.