Two New Stephen King Books Coming This Year

Stephen King has always been prolific, and we’re not surprised to learn he’s got two new books coming out this year. Frankly, we’re shocked he’s not putting out a new book every week, but anyways…

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, King has a new book coming in June called Mr. Mercedes, and he’ll have another novel coming in November, Revival. Revival is a period novel that takes place in New England, and it’s partly about addiction and recovery. King is a former addict himself, and has used his struggle with chemical dependency as the basis for several stories, including The Shining and its sequel, Doctor Sleep. 

Mr. Mercedes is a much different story. This one is what his publisher is calling his first detective novel, and it’s about the hunt for a mad terrorist. And let’s not forget that King also has the next season of Under the Dome coming back to CBS in June. 

Whether you like Stephen King’s work or not, he will always give me hope for the future of storytelling. Mega-authors like King help keep bookstores in business, because any new King book is sure be a best-seller, and it’s great to see that’s he’s still going after all this time. We’re certain there will be plenty more from King in the near future, but in the meantime two books is definitely plenty to read and enjoy from him this year.