About That Need For Speed 3D Conversion…

We just reported on TGD that Need For Speed, the upcoming big screen game adaptation, will be converted to 3D. This was a last minute decision, because the movie’s coming out on March 14, and the timing has us wondering. Is the studio desperate? Are they hoping a 3D conversion will make more money overseas?

As it turns out, the director of Speed, Scott Waugh, admitted to Slash Film that he’s “never really been a 3D fan. That’s not my type of movie. I like real movies with no CG.” An odd statement considering Need For Speed will probably have plenty of computer FX, along with its 11th hour 3D conversion. 

But Waugh said he was sold when he was shown a test, and contrary that what we’ve been reading in the press, he’s been thinking about a 3D version since last September. When Waugh was told it would take three months to get the job done, he decided to go for it.

Waugh said he wants the movie to be a fully immersive experience, where you feel like you’re in the cars as they race along. He also insists this “was not a financial decision at all. It was what [was] best for this movie creatively. No one has ever seen a movie like this in 3D, and the proof is when you see it.”

We’ll see if that’s indeed the case when Need For Speed comes out next month.