The Lego Movie Beats RoboCop at the Box Office

We kinda figured the RoboCop reboot wasn’t going to be anything spectacular, but we were still hoping for the best. We also figured that almost any new movie, especially in a month that’s completely dead like February, would do pretty well opening weekend because there’s not that much out there to see right now.

Well, obviously we were wrong, because the RoboCop remake just got trampled by the Lego movie. It also faced some tough weather back east, but if people want to see a movie bad enough, they will brave bad weather to see it. (This is what happened with The Godfather and Wreck It Ralph, which were both released when the East Coast were getting hammered by storms.)

By Saturday, February 15, The Lego Movie had made over a hundred million, but RoboCop was in third place with a projected $22 to 25 million. This is especially anemic considering the film came out on Wednesday, February 12, and it’s still not bringing home the bacon. (The box office pundits are hoping it will do better in foreign.) 

While the reviews for RoboCop haven’t been unanimous pans, they also haven’t been raves either. Many fans were against the RoboCop remake from the get-go, as well as Ronny Cox, who starred in the original. As for the Lego movie, we get the feeling it could launch something new and exciting in animation, and it’s always great when that happens.