Terminator Genesis Casting Coming Together

However it turns out, good, bad or indifferent, we all know that Star Wars is going to be the big genre flick to see in 2015. Right now, casting is also coming down to the wire on another genre blockbuster coming in the summer of ’15, Terminator Genesis, which will be a prequel. 

Deadline reports that for the role of Kyle Reese, it’s going to be either Jai Courtney and Boy Holbrook. Haven’t heard of these guys either? Courtney was in Jack Reacher and A Good Day to Die Hard, and he’s also starring in Divergent. Holbrook is in the next David Fincher flick, Gone Girl.

And yes, apparently Schwarzenegger will be back. The coveted role of Sara Connor will be played by Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), and Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) will be John Connor. Terminator Genesis will be directed by Alan Taylor, who regularly directs for Game of Thrones, and who also helmed Thor: the Dark World.

We at TGD are disappointed that James Cameron couldn’t stick around to make one more Terminator flick, because one more go around with Iron Jim and Ah-nold in his prime would have rounded out the series nicely. We don’t think the next Terminator will ever bring the franchise back to its glory days, but we’ll certainly be watching its progress, and hope we can at least be proven a little wrong. 

Look for Terminator Genesis on July 1, 2015.