Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The reviews are in.

It was first released early last year, a reboot of a 90s classic given the next-gen treatment by Square Enix. Well, it wasn’t quite next-gen enough because, by the end of last year we got the PS4 and Xbox One. Now, the new Lara Croft adventure is even newer. But is it worth another $60?

Hence, the aptly titled Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The reviews are in, and it seems to be getting kudos for engineering, most reviews are on the PS4, and for looks. The gameplay is the same as last year’s version and that seems to be the problem. At $60 this is priced as a new game whereas it really feels like an upgrade patch. 



Over in Westchester, New York, where the people are quite affluent, price hasn’t dampened their ardor.


If you’ve got the cash and are looking for an engrossing adventure, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition looks and plays better than last year’s version, plus it has the extra bonus material for fans. If your budget is tight, you can pick up a new version of 2013’s Tomb Raider for as low as $20 for the PC or less than $30 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Britain’s The Guardian likes the looks of things. It is “prettier” as they understated Brits put it.


Last year’s Tomb Raider reboot was not only a truly great game but it was a wonderful return to form for the franchise, with a gripping story that told the origins of Lara Croft. Set on a mysterious island that our heroine must escape from, the title mixed platforming with excellent gun (and bow) combat. It was a grittier, at times unsettling, adventure starring a more believable Lara. A year later and developer Crystal Dynamics has updated the title for PS4 and Xbox One. It’s certainly prettier, with particular attention played to Lara’s character model, while the epic set pieces look resplendent on the new machines.


The more hard core gamer The Koalition are straight up not convinced.


Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a great reboot and a must play for any fan that might have missed out on the original release….. If you did get a chance to play the original, then I suggest that you’re better off putting your money towards the next entry in the series instead.


In central Pennsylvania, The Patriot News, without any representation in today’s Super Bowl, just wants to watch the world burn. They’re all effusive and all in.


If you’re itching to find a game good enough to justify the purchase of your shiny new next-gen console, the “Definitive Edition” might just be the answer.


Over at Motoring Crunch, where they don’t have a dog in the game like The Patriot News has, they hit on the pricing. A theme echoed by other publications, as we said. 


Gamers were shocked when they first found out that the companies were getting together to release ports of Tomb Raider onto the next gen consoles. Tomb Raider: Definitive however hasn’t lost any features in the cross over and it benefits from new functions thanks to Kinect 2.0 and the PlayStation camera.

However fans may want to steer clear of the game as while it is one of the best looking renditions of Tomb Raider to come out, it doesn’t really justify having to pay the full price tag for a game that doesn’t look that much different or offer much difference from the game that was released a year ago.


So, it looks like this definitive edition is not really definitive. It should be your starting point if you didn’t buy into the franchise last year, but otherwise, the $60 doesn’t justify the new console refit and lush graphics. It’s all about gameplay, baby.