And the Winner of the Console Wars Is…

We’re now almost ten days into the new year, and the verdict is in on what we’ve been calling the console wars between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And it’s a bit of a surprising verdict, because one console was definitely ahead of the game a month ago, but the tortoise may have beaten the hare this time. 

According to the site Mashable, PlayStation 4 has sold 4.2 million units through the end of last year, while Xbox One sold 1.2 million. We figured the Xmas season would be a very crucial point for both consoles, yet as Sony Computer Entertainment tells us, PlayStation 4 has definitely come out ahead, which we didn’t predict.

At first, PlayStation 4 came in behind because it was strictly for hardcore gamers, and Xbox was a much more versatile device. Now that the hardcore gamer console has come out ahead, this is definitely a great sign for the gaming market in the new year. 

We previously reported on TGD that a huge TV and viral marketing campaign was launched by Sony to push PlayStation 4, and apparently it paid off. And while the new year has just begun, we’re very curious to see how gaming will fare in 2014. The gaming market is usually pretty mercurial, and we can’t wait to see what kind of rollercoaster ride it’s going to be this time.