Stan Lee Launches the Might 7, Gets Cameo on SHIELD

We just reported that late last year, Stan Lee hit the big 9-1, and it’s remarkable that he’s still here, and just as spirited as ever. He’s also been busier than ever, with a brand new TV show, Mighty 7, and an upcoming cameo on SHIELD. 

Mighty 7 will debut on the Hub Network on February 1, and it features an animated Stan Lee as a feature character. The Hollywood Reporter says Mighty 7 is the “first superhero reality show,” where Lee is somewhat of a life coach for comic good guys. In exchange for training, Lee turns their adventures into comic books. 

Sean Astin, Jim Belushi, Mayim Bialik, and Flea, to name a few, all provide voices for the show, and Lee hopes it will turn into a TV series, a live action movie series, and an animated movie series as well. Ever the ham, Lee loves the fact that he’s starring on the show, even if he’s a cartoon character. 

Lee told the Reporter, “I figured since nobody in Hollywood is going to discover me, and nobody seems to realize the potential I have in becoming the next Laurence Olivier, I’d have to do it myself and show them.” Then he said, more seriously, “I thought it would be fun.” 

Like waiting for Hitchcock’s cameo, Lee usually has a brief moment in the Marvel movies, and now he’s finally getting his moment on SHIELD. Lee told the Reporter he will have a “big role” in an upcoming episode of the show, and it should be airing on February 4.