Will a Legendary Star Trek Device Soon Become a Reality?

Trekkies everywhere are familiar with what’s called the tricorder, which could diagnose what was wrong with you as easily as scanning your groceries at the market. A lot of things we’ve seen in sci-fi movies and TV could become a reality some day, so is a real life tricorder on its way?

According to Fox News, it may indeed. This report tells us this device, called the Scanadu Scout, uses “the same operating system” of the Mars rover, and this little device can reportedly detect stomach cramps to shingles by your vital signs. (Your readings can also be sent to a smartphone.) 

A prototype of this device is being showed off at the CES, and we’re very curious to see if it’s everything they say it is. It’s a trip to think something like this could be owned by everybody one day, but there are similar devices for diabetics to check their insulin, so why not a more all purpose device that we can use to check our general overall health?

The Scout is still awaiting FDA approval, and it’s currently in the works. The slogan for the device is Sapere aude, or Know Thyself.