The Wolf of Wall Street: F Bombs Away!

Scarface hit its 30th anniversary last year, and one of the many things it’s known for is how many times the word f*ck is uttered. Reports vary as to how many times the F bomb is dropped throughout the film, in some scenes it’s hard to hear over the music, but it’s certainly in the two hundred range. 

The word f*ck is usually an instant R rating, and in the years since the release of Scarface, a number of movies have left it in the dust in terms of profanity. And it looks like Martin Scrosese may have broken the record with The Wolf of Wall Street, where according to The Guardian, the F bomb is dropped a whopping 506 times. 

Wall Street has already generated plenty of controversy, and some critics have shamed the film for allegedly glorifying criminal behavior. While many Scorsese films, like GoodFellas and The Departed, have taken place in the criminal underworlds, this one takes place in the legit business world, where nobody’s getting killed and buried in the desert, but there’s still plenty of amoral activity going on. (Maybe Scorsese was inspired by the line in GoodFellas where a gangster yells at a cop, “Why don’t you go down to Wall Street and arrest some real crooks?”) 

So whether you love the film or hate it, it should make a hell of a drinking game one day, just make sure you’re not the one who has to hit the clicker counter every time somebody says “f*ck.” By the end of the night, your thumb will probably be the size of a football.