Is Gravity Overrated?

We at TGD are very grateful for the movie Gravity. It’s an original movie that’s pushed big boundaries in special effects, and it’s proven that a movie that isn’t based on a previous film, TV show, or video game can still do well in today’s day and age. But have people gotten sick and tired of it already?

A poll in the L.A. Times has listed Gravity as the most overrated movie of the year, but The Butler was right behind by a percentage point. Third place was also a Sandra Bullock movie, The Heat, which also starred Melissa McCarthy. 

The Times points out that Gravity still has major Oscar potential as well, Bullock’s name has come up regularly as a major Best Actress contender, although genre films often get the shaft at the Academy Awards. (Like previous genre movies, Gravity should be a lock for the technical categories.) The Times points out that movies that usually make the overrated list are not awards contenders, but big blockbusters like The Avengers and Twilight. 

No matter how popular or acclaimed a movie is, there will always be people that just won’t get it, or get sick and tired of hearing about it everywhere. But again, Gravity is a big step forward for movies these days, not just in special effects, but it also gives us great hope for original movies. We’re hoping a few more original hits like Gravity could start a trend, which would definitely be nice.