Most Anticipated 2014 Movies According to Social Media

We just reported that according to a poll on Fandango, the ticket buying site, that Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will be the most anticipated movie of the year. But this isn’t the only movie poll driven by fans, and now another firm has compiled a list of most anticipated movies according to social media volume.

This data was compiled by Fizziology, and they tracked social media traffic from November to December 2013. As Variety tells us the #1 most anticipated movie according to this poll, is Divergent, which is the next YA dystopian story. #2 is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the social media mentions have been very strong lately.

Next is X-Men Days of Future Past, and we’re excited about this one because director Bryan Singer is back running the show. Then, oddly enough, Hunger Games at number four. We expected it to be much higher among fans of the franchise, not to mention the last one got very high marks for being a better movie than the first installment.

Next is Maleficent, and we’re not exactly sure what this is except its got Angelia Jolie in weird devil horns. Then Godzilla, which we’re very excited about, especially with Bryan Cranston fighting the big green bad boy this time around. Captain America is another genre film in the top ten, and Need For Speed is also on the list as well. 

These polls could be one of the most important ones you’ll read about because these are from the movie going fans talking about what they want to see. Will their social media interest pay off at the box office? Stay tuned…