Doctor Who Goes Out On Top

So Matt Smith has finally left Doctor Who. We knew this was coming, and the show has had quite a few doctors over the decades, with a new Who ready to debut next year. So what do the reviewers think of Smith’s swan song?

Apparently the consensus is that Smith had a great last episode, and fans were satisfied and dare we say moved. The L.A. Times review was headlined, “Matt Smith exits with comic energy and grace.” The Huffington Post wrote that during the show’s emotional ending “it was Tardis tears all the way…The show will go on, but for one last time, it was all [Smith’s].” 

We currently has no reports on the show’s ratings, or how it did theatrically (yes, it even played in theaters in some markets, in 3D no less), but we’re sure untold millions of fans tuned in to see the last Matt Smith episode of the show. (Final numbers should be available soon.) 

So one era has passed, and a new one’s about to begin for Doctor Who, which has to be a very bittersweet passage for fans of the show everywhere. Peter Capaldi (World War Z) will be the new Doctor Who, and the actor will reportedly be keeping his Scottish accent. And thankfully, unlike the last episodes of The Sopranos and Dexter, this Doctor Who apparently left the stage the right way, otherwise the ‘net and the Twittersphere would have erupted in a major geek sh*t-storm already.