Mark Wahlberg Reveals More on Transformers Age of Extinction

Now that 2014 is almost here, it means the next Transformers film is closer to release. The fan boys can rant all they want about Michael Bay, but you’ll know they’ll come out in droves on June 27 when Transformers Age of Extinction is out in theaters. 

As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, Age of Extinction takes place four years after Dark of the Moon. There will be new Transformers and Decepticons in this one, as well as the Dinobots. The site tells a little more about the plot as well, but who cares, because it’s all about action, big explosions, and the Transformers beating everything in their path into scrap iron, right? 

Age of Extinction stars Mark Wahlberg, his second movie with Bay, and he told Robot the new one has “a tighter script, and it’s own stand-alone thing. There’s an anchor to it and a realness to it that I like a lot.” Wahlberg also confessed that this is the first movie he’s made that his kids are really interested in. “Any time they see me with a gun, they want to see that too, but they can’t because of the language and all that stuff.”

Like Bay, who finally made his passion project, Pain and Gain, Wahlberg is hoping this big blockbuster will allow him to make smaller movies as well. But when it comes to Transformers, the bigger and more over the top the better, and you know that’s what Michael Bay will deliver next June.