Some Second Thoughts On the Lego Car

Okay, so we just reported that two grown men have spent a considerable amount of time building a full sized Lego car, and one of our writers found this a bit disturbing. Now here’s a different point of view…

We don’t think this is going to be the latest new trend in motor vehicles, but a Lego car has indeed been built, and this writer thinks this is a pretty cool thing. It’s not giving Lamborghini a run for the money in the speed department, it can only drive up to 18 miles an hour tops, but we love the fact that somebody actually had the gumption to build this thing in the first place.

As we previously reported, the first full size Lego car that’s actually drivable was made out of 500,000 Lego pieces, and it moves forward on compressed air power. The people who invented it were Steve Sammartino, an entrepreneur from Australia, and Raul Oaida, a man from Romania who USA Today describes as “a self-taught technology guru.” 

The car’s engine is also made of Legos, and the only parts of the car that aren’t 100% Lego are the tires, and “some load-bearing elements.” This fun project was funded by, you guessed it, crowd funding, and twenty people donated via Twitter. 

As it turns out, these guys also made a Lego shuttle, and it did get up in the air. Not that high, about 35,000 meters, but it did indeed take flight. While one writer on TG already commented about this and felt it was creepy for grown men to be doing this, this writer thinks it’s actually pretty cool. I’m a big believer in letting your inner child reign, although I also have to admit that half a million Lego pieces does seem a bit obsessive, or maybe the idea of having to keep track of all those little Lego pieces gives me nightmares.