Are These The Worst Movies of the Year?

I try to avoid bad movies as much as I can, and not bad movies that are fun, like Plan 9 From Outer Space. I mean really bad sh*t like Armageddon, movies that you wouldn’t watch again to get out of debt. In fact, it was that film, Batman and Robin, and the ’98 remake of Godzilla where I really had to draw a line in the sand and vow never to sit through anything that awful again. 

So while I haven’t seen any of the movies listed on Yahoo’s Worst of the Year list, they certainly got well shellacked by the critics, and we’ll take everyone’s word for it that they are indeed cinematic doo-doo. Going upwards from number #10 is The Hangover Part III, which effectively ended that dynasty, Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy, which the studio essentially buried (did you even know it was out?), Grown Ups 2 (an Adam Sandler movie on a worst list, go figure, right?), The Canyons (yet another major career misstep for Lindsay Lohan), Machete Kills, and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

And that’s just the top five. Then came The Lone Ranger, which took a John Carter sized beating from the audiences and critics, After Earth, another career albatross for M Night Shymalan, as well as a big turd in the punchbowl for Will Smith, Movie 43, and #1 is…(Drum roll please)…A Good Day to Die Hard, which Yahoo called a “mailed-it-in-stinker…at least Bruce Willis could have tried.” 

I always used to have a great time watching Siskel and Ebert’s worst of the year shows where they went off on the truly dreadful movies they had to suffer through. Bad reviews can be great fun to read, and we’re grateful that enough critical scorn can save us a lot of wasted time in the theaters. If this list spares you from suffering, we’re grateful.