FX Master Phil Tippett to Return to Jurassic World

If you’re a self-respecting geek, Phil Tippett is one of those names in FX that everyone in our brethren knows, along with Rick Baker (Men in Black), Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead), and many others. Tippett is the FX innovator who first broke through doing stop motion animation for Star Wars, and he also provided FX for RoboCop, Starship Troopers, and The Twilight films. (Please don’t hold that against him.)

In addition, Tippett was the dinosaur supervisor on Jurassic Park, and as Collider informs us, he’s returning to that incredible land of killer dinos with Jurassic World. Apparently Colin Trevorrow, director of World, wants to go back to the old school vibe of the original, and this includes brining in one of the FX masters of the original. 

As Collider reminds us, Tippett was going to animate the dinos in stop motion, then Spielberg saw test footage of Terminator 2 with the liquid morphing and decided to do the dinosaurs in CGI, which sparked a whole new revolution in FX. Tippett was kept aboard anyways, and he supervised the animation of the creatures, which brought a whole new level of realism to the proceedings.

Jurassic World will reportedly take place twenty-two years after the first installment, and it’s currently on track for a June 12, 2015 opening.